Christian Action Group – old


The Christian Action Group was formed in January 1969 as a further development of a Parish Outreach Campaign in 1968. Mrs E Anne Hogg was appointed as secretary and has remained so ever since. The work involved is mainly provision for and care of our senior members.

Miss Sullivan

Miss B Sullivan’s 90th Birthday 24th May 2003

Events for each year are normally a car run in June, a concert in August or September, organisation and distribution of Harvest Thanksgiving gifts and arranging transport to Christmas services.

Mrs Riddal

Mrs H Riddal’s 90th Birthday 27th October 2003

Special occasions are also marked by delivering flowers and cards to those who have Golden Weddings, Diamond Weddings and 90th birthdays.


A team of visitors calls regularly on the elderly to deliver the Upper Room book to those who wish it thus keeping in touch with members who cannot attend church as they used to.

If you would like to help in this work please feel free to contact Mr Jim Murray

Here we are at tea after our concert in August 2003. We were entertained by the Nithsdale Singers.

Christian Action Group

Christian Action Group


Christian Action Group


Christian Action Group


Christian Action Group