Kirk Session

Kirk Session

The Kirk Session consists of the Minister along with the ruling Elders, who, from 1966 could be women. The Minister and Elders have an equal voice on every subject as members of a church court and they all have the same responsibility.

The Kirk Session is responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of the congregation by appointing and providing for Baptism and the observance of the Lord’s Supper. As a part of this spiritual duty, the Session is responsible for keeping the Communion Roll and admitting members to and transferring members from the congregation.

The Session also has a duty to exercise pastoral supervision within the Parish. This is done by dividing the Parish into districts and appointing an Elder to each one to carry out visits. Elders are also appointed to each of the organisations which they visit and report back to the Session. It is also responsible for appointing the Organist and the Church Officer.

The organisation of the Session is the duty of the Session Clerk, Mr Ian Harper, who takes the minutes of the meetings and incorporates them into a permanent record. He also has charge of all Sessional documents and prepares the agenda for Session meetings in consultation with the Minister. He also prepares the Elders’ duties for Communion and organises and supplies the Bread and Wine.

Elders are elected for life and hold office until they cease to be members of the congregation or their resignation is accepted, or they are deposed or otherwise removed from office. After completing 30 years service, Elders are presented with a Long Service Certificate signed by the Moderator of the General Assembly. At the present time, there are 39 active Elders and a number of non active ones. Presbytery Elders are appointed by the Session to represent it Presbytery.