Summer Club 2017

The Crunch Holiday Club was certainly fab,

With lots of Bible Stories of good times and bad.

We heard of Joseph, he was certainly Gods man,

Through slavery and prison God still had a plan.


And then there was Ruth, things seemed to go wrong,

Famine, bereavement and she had to leave home.

But the Lord had His hand firmly placed on her life,

Could she even have guessed shed become Boaz’s wife.


The dance off was super, we all had a ball,

How many moves could you see in the hall?

The praises of Jesus we lifted up high,

We jumped up and down nearly reaching the sky.


So please pray for the children who heard His story,

Who danced and who sang and gave God the glory.

May they never forget what they saw and they heard,

And the week they met Jesus the Living Bread.